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SOE's Silius talks EQ2 travel revamp

Jef Reahard

EverQuest II's upcoming content patch is growing seemingly larger with each press release. We've already examined the additions to player housing, end game raids, and a bevy of new visuals. Now, the official site teases us with a lengthy preview of the travel revamp that will also debut with the Halas Reborn patch.

"In general we really want our customers to spend less time travelling and more time playing the game and having fun. That's not to say that travel and exploration is not fun for some people, but not everyone enjoys having no choice in the matter. The curious player will still explore and discover if they wish, we have not taken that away. We have however made it easier for the various modes of travel to get people together requiring as few zoning screens as possible," said Sony Online Entertainment's Salim 'Silius' Grant.

Check out the full list of changes over at the official EverQuest II website.

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