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Aqua: Naval Warfare sets sail on XBLA next week

In the sea of action-shooters available on Xbox Live Arcade, it's fitting that the latest actually takes place on the sea. Hitting XBLA on May 19 is Aqua: Naval Warfare, a top-down dual-stick shooter drenched in a stylish steampunk setting. In the game, players take on the role of Captain Grey who must fend off the Gothean Empire from the invading Emperean Empire.

In gameplay terms, that basically means "point the right stick at things you want to destroy until that happens." The world of Aqua: Naval Warfare is unique, flooded by a cataclysmic event with the majority of its landmass underwater. Like that awesome movie Waterworld! Did we say "awesome?" We mispronounced "We're still waiting for our refund, Mr. Costner."

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