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Eutechnyx announces plan to drive forward with Auto Club Revolution

Eliot Lefebvre

There are some games that seem like they just beg to be made into an MMO. The concept of the Gran Turismo series, for instance -- a game where you could purchase and drive almost any car, from a high-performance race machine to a tiny Japanese cargo truck. While there are no indications that the venerable franchise is going to head into the crowded world of full-scale MMOs, developer Eutechnyx, maker of the recent Ferrari Challenge and Supercar Challenge among others, has recently announced that they intend to work on a driving MMO allowing you to take out all manner of licensed cars.

Titled Auto Club Revolution, the game is slated to be free-to-play by North American operations director Todd Eckert. The intention is to allow a variety of licensed cars to be driven by players, although which cars will be available will depend on which manufacturers allow it. The company seems to be primed to use the same general development tools from their earlier offerings, meaning that the actual racing engine will be thoroughly tested. Only time will tell how far down the road the game will get, although we can only hope for a game wherein a Yugo and a first-generation Saga can race to the finish.

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