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Halo: Reach beta Generator Defense playlist now live


The Halo: Reach beta has less than a week to go, and now you have one more reason to put a few more hours into it: Generator Defense. The new playlist is now live, presenting players with a 3-on-3 match of Spartans vs. Elites. The objective is simple: Elites attack the generators and Spartans defend them. Be sure to remember that the actual playlist is called "Network Test 1" -- an apt title, if our first few laggy games were any indication. But hey, what's a little lag when the survival of the whole human race is at stake?

In other news, a second episode of Halo: Reach Betabusters is available, and it includes plenty of things you might not know about in the beta (including the ability to assassinate players through glass). Find it after the break.

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