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LG's $400 BX580 network 3D Blu-ray player ships in a month or two

Darren Murph

Staying on that cutting edge, are we LG? In a world starstruck by HDMI 1.4, internet connectivity, DLNA, 3D and 1080p, LG's latest deck has it all, and now we know precisely -- er, almost precisely -- when she'll ship. The BX580 has just found itself a slot on Amazon's website, priced at $399.99 and proudly listed as the company's first network 3D Blu-ray player. Aside from having the ability to handle forthcoming 3D Blu-ray titles, it also ships with NetCast Entertainment Access, giving users the ability to enjoy web connected content without bothering with an HTPC. 'Course, that "usually ships in one to two months" could stand to be a little more precise, but we'll take what we can get at this point.

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