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Red dot sight for hotshoes makes shooting tangos a viewfinder-free experience

Tim Stevens

If you've been playing Modern Warfare 2 so much that you've studied Arabic just to learn what the OpFor team is saying, yet you're more interested in photographing birds than capturing flags, this is the hotshoe accessory for you. Thanks to Brando it's easy to make your camera a little more lethal looking with the Tactical Four Reticle Sight, an adapter that screws into a camera's hotshoe and then enables the addition of an included sight, which has four separate crosshairs, two colors, and three laser strengths. Yes, we know people have been doing this for years on their own, but this is the cheapest ($45) and easiest way we've seen to get such a thing secured on your SLR. Oh, and "Tango sakat?" It means "tango down," duh.

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