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Leaked Netflix blog post indicates official HD streaming to PC launch soon


Still not seeing any HD Watch Instantly streaming on your PC or Mac? Don't worry, as all indications point to a full rollout sooner rather than later, the most recent being this post that momentarily popped up on Netflix's official blog long enough to be caught by Google. We've asked about any upgrades for the Media Center plugin but haven't heard anything back yet, but for now it's just a matter of "when" will everyone see the HD icon light up on that Silverlight player.

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Now streaming in HD on PC and Mac
from The Official Netflix Blog by (Brent)
This is Brent Ayrey, Director of Product Management at Netflix. I wanted to let you know that we now have a number of movies and TV episodes available to watch in HD on your PC or Mac. HD streaming requires Silverlight 3, and you must have both sufficient bandwidth and a sufficiently large screen size to get an HD stream. When watching a title that has HD stream available you'll see an icon in the player controls at the bottom of the screen - if the title is streaming in HD that icon will light up.

You can browse the HD titles here:

Enopy watching in HD on your PC or Mac!

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