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Lego Universe pre-orders now available


Somehow -- and we don't know how -- pre-orders for Lego Universe kicked off this past Friday and, again, we don't know how, there's no "special edition" that includes some actual Legos. Some of you Legomaniacs may already know, but boxed copies of the upcoming Lego MMO from Netdevil are now available for pre-order at Lego retail outlets, the online shop, the amusement park (Legoland!) and on

Dropping your 39.99 USD/EUR or 29.99 GBP on a copy will net you not just the game itself on DVD, but also a month of free play (30 days, to be precise), a "story leaflet," and a user guide -- some folks will also get an "exclusive Minifigure" and a code to redeem said Minifigure in-game ("while supplies last"). Though the game has been in closed beta for some time now, the game has yet to receive an official launch date. That said, we have to imagine that Netdevil is building towards that announcement, right? You know, with Legos? Isn't that what they do over there?

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