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BT prepping a tablet with combined home phone and web slate duties


Of course, every time you call it an "iPad killer," a BT-branded, slate tablet-shaped fairy dies. Still, while it's a bit silly for the UK provider to so rigorously avoid the comparisons, it's true that this forthcoming tablet might have something slightly different to offer. The tablet, which will measure slightly smaller diagonally than the iPad, can be used with a Bluetooth headset as a post-2010 take on the home phone, with abilities to manage email, SMS, voicemail and so forth straight from the screen. This is augmented with widgets and the requisite web browsing, which sounds pretty intriguing. Sure, you could set up an iPad to do most of this, but getting it all in one package from a home phone provider is an interesting slant. Unfortunately, we don't know who will be building this, or what it looks like, but if we get lucky maybe it'll have something to do with that Moorestown-powered OpenTablet 7 we spied at CTIA.

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