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Ask Engadget HD: What do you think Google TV's 'Dragonpoint' will be?


No home theater how-to this time, instead we'll pose a different question. Thanks to mainstream media "leaks" there's little doubt Google will have something TV related to show off at its I/O 2010 conference tomorrow, but what are you expecting / hoping to see? Let us know what an Intel Atom powered set-top box or smart HDTV running Android might (or at least, should) offer above and beyond your current set-top box, HTPC or other solution.

We've got low expectations -- we're pretty sure there will be yet another series of devices capable of streaming Pandora on their way to shelves by this holiday season and really, as long as we can tune into our all-Jan Hammer, all the time customized station that is just fine.

Bonus question: Do you think Sony will actually be (the only one) jumping on the platform from the start?

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