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Electronic House sifts through, selects 25 greatest DIY home theaters

Darren Murph

Electronic House recently published their 2010 Home of the Year award winners, but one thing those medal swingers were lacking was a tried-and-true DIY touch. Sure, there's no doubt that cold, hard cheddar can buy a fairly swank home cinema, but it's another chore entirely to piece one together with your own two hands, using your own vacation time and fending off screams from spouses, children and fellow constituents. Now, the aforementioned site has crawled through AVS Forum in search of the top 25 DIY home theaters, and after what can only be described as a Herculean search, the proverbial cream has risen. From a Pirates of the Caribbean-inspired lair to one of the tightest attic-squeezed setups we've ever seen, it's (just about) all there in the source link. Have a gander to get your own creative juices flowing, and feel free to drop images of your own layout in comments below if you somehow got slighted here.

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