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Ubisoft's 'Bloody Good Time' coming to PC, XBLA in Q2


Ubisoft's latest title release schedule, appended to a financial report released earlier today, officially confirms the existence of "Bloody Good Time" -- initially outed by an OFLC classification -- and expects the game to launch on PC and Xbox Live Arcade sometime between now and the end of June 2010. About bloody time.

Oh, about Bloody Good Time: According to a preview of the game's official website, the game follows "ambitious teen actors ready to kill for fame" as they vie for the lead role in a bizarre B-movie. We're imagining a Series 7-esque online shooter -- or a movie-set murder mystery in which a punctual killer punctures his victims with a pointy, novelty-sized Big Ben souvenir. (But it's probably a shooter.)

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