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ZeeVee adds remote management to ZvBox line, QAM 64 broadcasting and more

Darren Murph

ZeeVee as a whole has transformed mightily as a company since we saw 'em debut back in May of 2008, now catering its hardware business towards enterprise customers and the occasional high-end home owner. That said, there's still reason to pay attention, particularly if you're an existing owner of a ZvBox. The company recently made known that a trio of gratis updates were being made available, the first of which added remote management capabilities to the entire line. Essentially, this upgrade allows multiple ZvBoxes to be simultaneously connected to a single computer at the ZvBox deployment site, and then access is granted to said computer via the web. In turn, an administrator can completely control distribution and the like, adding a bit of Sling flair to the whole ordeal. In lesser news, all ZvBoxes can now also broadcast using QAM 64 (in addition to the traditional QAM 256 method), and the ZvPro 250 can now deliver a single video stream with split-audio, which could be helpful in serving up multilingual streams. Or, you know, a censored version of that R-rated movie for your kid's room.

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