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Apple relents, allows cash for iPads


Good news, everyone! In response to the public outcry over Apple's no-cash-for-iPad policy, Apple has relented. You will now be able to purchase iPads in-store using cash and gift cards. Yes, you'll also have to set up a traceable Apple account at the same time, but the lack of credit or debit card will no longer bar the sale of iPads to consumers.

Apple's controversial (although not illegal in most states) no-cash policy for the iPad was introduced to limit gray-market iPad redistribution. The demand for iPads remains high world-wide, and as the eBay iPad site shows, there's money to be made for anyone willing to part with their new electronic friend. It's kind of like Terry Pratchett's notion of "negotiable affection." Sure, you love the iPad -- but there's no question that it's profitable to share that love with others.

Under Apple's new rules, you will still be limited to two-device-purchases per user. You'll be able to pay for those two devices using an expanded payment vocabulary, but Apple intends to firmly enforce its existing allocation control measures. So Apple will ban any customer it finds purchasing too many iPads -- even if you are picking that extra one up for a colleague or a gift.

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