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Come get some in EQII's newest raid zone


If EverQuest II players jumped genres, they might exclaim, "That's no content patch! It's a space station!" As it is, the upcoming Halas Reborn patch is awe-inspiring, as SOE continues to highlight new goodies packaged within its coded depths. Players have a lot to look forward to: the Storyteller system, the travel revamp, additional player housing, and a brand-new 1-20 leveling experience in New Halas should expand the already-beefy title nicely.

On top of all of that, the juicy cherry resting comfortably on a bed of whipped cream, are two challenging new raid zones for high-level characters. We've already looked at one of them, The Underfoot Depths, and SOE has just released details on the second. Icy Keep: Retribution is a mammoth four-group raid instance with several new challenges, including a deadly game of chess. Players will be helping the Frostfoot clan to gain entry to the keep, but that may be the beginning of the true danger -- Vrewwx, an ice dragon, has hatched and is waiting.

Read the full scoop on EverQuest II's newest raid zone as we count down the days for Halas Reborn!

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