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Netflix app for iPad now provides video-out capabilities


I've been a fan of the Netflix app for iPad (free) since it first arrived on the scene, but it always made me sad that I couldn't use my little Apple Dock Connector to VGA Adapter to display videos through a projector or TV.

Now I have a happy face. As of this afternoon, Netflix has updated the app to version 1.0.2, which provides support for video output via the aforementioned VGA adapter as well as the component and composite video cables. That means that you now have the ability to stream a movie from Netflix to your iPad, then zap that movie out to your projector, VGA monitor, or any TV with component or composite inputs. The resolution might not be what you're used to with an HDTV, but this does have a high coolness factor...

Excuse me, but I'm going to stop writing now and go watch all the Netflix movies available for instant play that have a 4-star or higher rating.

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