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Rumor: White faceplate for the 4G iPhone


What don't we know about the 4G iPhone at this point? This must be how clairvoyants feel on Christmas Eve. Taiwanese site compounds the letdown* by posting pictures of what appears to be a white iPhone faceplate. The holes for the speaker and front-facing camera that we're all expecting identify it as the front plate. There seems to be a small slit above the speaker slot, but that's probably to accommodate the ambient light sensor.

Currently, white iPhone models still have a black casing on the back. It looks like the new model will be white in front and back.

At this point, the 4G iPhone will have to sing "Hello My Baby" to surprise us, and that's too bad. Don't you miss the anticipation that used to precede these announcements? I sure do. Call me old fashioned.

*For a real treat, check out what Google Translate did to that post.

[Via MacRumors]

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