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SageTV 7 due to arrive tomorrow with new look

Ben Drawbaugh

We're big fans of HTPCs around here, but admit that when it comes to 10-foot user interfaces that we're pretty superficial. It isn't that we always believe in form over function, not at all. It is just that we're willing to sacrifice a some features for a little eye candy and overall usability. This is one of the reasons we're not the biggest fans of SageTV even though it's always had some great unique features like Windows Home Server and HD PVR support as well as software extenders for just about every platform. Good news for SageTV and shallow HTPC users alike though as tomorrow finally brings SageTV 7 and a revamped user interface. At first glance we can't say we're blown away, but the apparent improvements are a step in the right direction and we do want to give it a try and run it through its paces. The upgrade will run existing customers $49 and includes many under the hood upgrades as well.

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