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Samsung's 3D plasmas showing up on real and virtual store shelves all over


If you've been waiting for a plasma 3DTV and Panasonic's VT25 isn't your speed (we don't know how you feel about deep, deep black levels, but c'mon, who can turn down Coraline?) then take a look at Samsung's C7000 line, now in stock (on schedule) pretty much everywhere. The 50-inch PN50C7000 is available for a cool $1,650 at Amazon, $1,797 at Vanns and $1,799 at Best Buy. The 63-inch will cost $3,000 from Amazon, while the 58-inch model is $2,350. Upgrading to the C8000 series and their high end home theater tweaks like Real Black Filter and Motion Judder Canceller (we'll see how well they actually work) raises the price to $3,417, $2,483 & $2,067 for the 63-inch, 58-inch and 50-inch models, respectively. They all have Samsung Apps and grabbing a 3D Blu-ray before you hit the check out nets a couple of pairs of glasses and a copy of Monsters vs. Aliens just to get you started, but we'd wager you'll still be well behind the Black Eyed Peas.

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