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Ancients of Ooga on XBLA in June, Cloning Clyde price dropped


Ninjabee and J. Kenworthy Entertainment have announced that Ancients of Ooga will arrive on Xbox Live Arcade June 16 for 800 ($10). The game serves as a spiritual successor to J. Kenworthy Entertainment's previous XBLA effort, Cloning Clyde. Based on what we've seen so far, Ancients of Ooga certainly seems to share many of the logic puzzle elements seen in Cloning Clyde, though it also adds the somewhat disturbing ability to eat certain foods and vomit them back up.

In related news, Cloning Clyde has become an Xbox Live Arcade hit and has seen a permanent price reduction. Previously 800 ($10), the game has now been reduced to a mere 400 ($5). If you're a fan of puzzle platformers heavy on cloning, catapults and sheep, it's probably an instant purchase.

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