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Four big carriers targeting LiMo phone releases this year

Chris Ziegler

Hey, remember LiMo? Yeah, us neither, but the stealthiest of major mobile platform coalitions is back in the spotlight today on news that four top global carriers -- France Telecom's Orange, Telefonica (presumably via O2 and Movistar), Verizon, and Korea's SKT will all be launching LiMo-based phones by year-end. As a refresher, Big Red jointed the LiMo Foundation way back in 2008, so it's interesting to see that they're still looking to play ball; the platform has typically been billed as more of a carrier-facing initiative than a consumer-facing one, so realistically, end users are likely going to perceive nothing other than a little more dumbphone synergy across the lineup than they do now. Android, Windows Phone, iPhone, webOS... you guys are free to carry on.

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