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SIM unlock now available for AT&T Palm Pre Plus

Darren Murph

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The method ain't new -- it's the same jictechnology developers offering the same code over at NextGenServer -- but it will yield different results when used on the latest and greatest webOS device. Yep, that Palm Pre unlock that enabled international GSM Pre units to work on AT&T, Telus and T-Mobile is now officially certified for use on AT&T's own Palm Pre Plus. That means your shiny new smartphone can now hop onto T-Mobile and Telus networks with a functioning SIM card from either carrier, but unlike other unlocks, this one will cost you $35.79. Or, you know, you could pick up Verizon's Pre Plus, nab a free mobile hotspot along the way, and pocket an old Nokia candybar for those overseas jaunts -- your call, broseph.

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