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Sony Online Entertainment introduces $25 mount [Updated]

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

You knew someone was going to try it. Sony Online Entertainment is making their bid for a seat on the Sparklepony bandwagon with the introduction of mounts in EverQuest II.

Etheral, Sinister, and Ulteran Prowlers are now available in the Marketplace for 2500 Station Cash each, the equivalent of $25 USD. So are they worth it? Well, that is entirely a matter of opinion, but we can help you decide with a rundown of what's available.

These huge felines offer a 65% run speed, and lower your maximum falling speed. You can choose a Fierce version, which will give you a +5 bonus to many physical attacks, or an Arcane version fora +5 bonus to Focus, Ordination, Disruption, Subjugation and Ministration. Each mount is bound to one character and is no trade, so don't expect to use this mount on multiple characters.

They're available now, so check out the EverQuest II site for all the details.

[Update: Smokejumper has posted to the EQII forums to say that the mounts will be a "heirloom" item, which means the mount is bound across the account. They are not currently flagged as such, but SOE will be correcting that with Tuesday's update.]

[Update 2: Smokejumper has also gone on to say that the mounts do not have feather fall, as was stated in the online article. Thanks Conor!]

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