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GameCrazy store liquidation starts today, everything 20% off


Moving right according to schedule, GameCrazy today officially began liquidating outlets across the US, with remaining inventory in stores reduced in price by 20 percent. An internal memo we received details the liquidation proceedings, confirmed by multiple calls to remaining GameCrazy outlets across the East Coast. "Beginning May 21, your store will introduce a special sales strategy featuring 20% OFF sale on all software and hardware items," reads this particular store's notification.

Apparently "The Great American Group" -- an auction, liquidation, and appraisal contractor -- will be handling oversight of the liquidation, advertising as much on its website (as well as being mentioned repeatedly in the notice we received). It also appears that the group has yet to finalize an incentive plan for remaining employees, though the document assures that they'll hear something "next week." A list of remaining Movie Gallery, Inc. outlets, including many GameCrazys, can be found here (warning: PDF link).

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