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Super Street Fighter IV getting balance fixes along with DLC next month

According to Andriasang's translation of a post on Capcom's Japanese blog, the developer is planning to roll out a patch for Super Street Fighter IV on June 15 -- the same day as the release of the game's Tournament Mode DLC -- which will remove a few exploits and address some balancing issues players have discovered since the title's launch. For the full list of (highly technical) changes included in the update, just click past the jump.

The patch remedies a few sizable issues, such as the unblockable Ultra exploit -- however, it doesn't return E. Honda's "Thousand-Hand Bitch Slap" maneuver to its original, unbeatable glory. Hopefully that particular fix will come in a later update.

[Via 1UP]

  • Fei Long's infinite combo loop against Juri will be removed.
  • Unblockable Ultras will be fixed. This is where you throw a fireball and the Ultra flash made it so your opponent could not block.
  • Guy will no longer be able to be thrown while he's crouching and in hit stun animation. A bug made it possible to combo throw moves while he was in this state.
  • Ibuki's invincibility window on wake up -- under certain circumstances -- was too long, this will be fixed.
  • The 2nd hit of Ibuki's Spinning Kicks missing Chun-Li will be fixed.
  • Counter hit damage on M. Bison's (Dictator) Ultra 2 was too low.
  • Sagat's Angry Charge was not working properly in some instances (EX-Tiger Uppercut doesn't get damage upgrade in some cases).

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