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WoW Moviewatch: Exodar Disco


Do you like dancing space goats? I hope so, because we here at love us some dancing space goats, especially if it's to some smooth, groovy disco. The great news for us, then, is that EmberIsolte and TheGreyFoo have teamed up to bring us Exodar Disco.

In this epic masterpiece of space goat disco, you get to hear the Prophet Velen spell out his vision for defeating the forces of evil. If you weren't expecting that plan to include sequins and tab lapels, then you were sorely mistaken. I hope this video will usher in a new age of combat for WoW. An age of groovy, funkadelic beats. An age where we get to watch the Draenei show the other, lesser races what it means to feel disco in your soul.

Seriously, though, this video was a darn lot of fun. TheGreyFoo and EmberIsolte are always a lot of fun, and I look forward to their stuff. This video is just amazing, though, and far exceeds any expectations I could have had. The choice to actually involve Velen in singing was superb, and I can't applaud them enough.

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