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Massively rounds up MMO iPhone apps


Our friends over at, a site all about massively multiplayer online games, have put together a quick roundup of iPhone apps related to MMO games. Inspired by this week's update to the World of Warcraft app, they've got apps for MMOs like Aion, Dungeons and Dragons Online, and EVE, along with a few other MMO-related downloads for you to find. Unfortunately, The Fallen Earth iPhone app still isn't out yet, but it's on the list as well, with more coming soon.

Most of these apps are actually unofficial, ancillary apps; they are usually guides or calculators to help you play the games well. I think there's a lot of potential in this type of iPhone app, though, either as an official supplement to the game (like the Fallen Earth or WoW apps, which allow you to monitor and control in-game information via the app), or as a sort of meta-mini game. One idea would be an app that would allow you to earn in-game gold or play another kind of game, like a tower defense or empire building game, that somehow affected your character in the RPG at large. I think there are a lot of future possibilities for mobile games and their interaction with MMOs and other online titles. Developers have only scratched the surface of what's possible with using the mobile platform as an ancillary service.

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