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Free Realms update introduces hoverboards and more

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Vacant lots, hoverboards, and launchpads. The latest Free Realms update introduces new items sure to have players lining up at the cash shop.

Sure to be a big hit among the new items are the hoverboards -- all-terrain hoverboards, to be precise. They can be a bit tricky, so Ref Ruby has a guide on how to use your new ATH more effectively. In addition to the hoverboards, you can now purchase your very own launchpads -- try combining the use of those with the hoverboards and see what happens.

There are new items to enjoy when you're back on the ground, as well: how about some new blocks and bridges? The new blocks are made out of everything from storm clouds to cheese (no, really) and there are even some that disappear a few seconds after you land on them. You can also choose brick or wood bridges while you're shopping for further building options.

There is more to be found in the new update, and it's all live now, so take a look at the full set of update notes for all the details!

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