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Comcast's Tunerfish adds social media check-ins to your TV watching


Comcast's Plaxo acquisition has borne fruit beyond its social media address book roots with Tunerfish, aimed at pulling social networking features and TV into one website. Currently in closed alpha, it lets TV watchers note what they're watching and share with others, Foursquare style. No word on what being "mayor" of Chuck gets you (if it's not a discount at Subway we'll be disappointed) but the idea is to be able to keep an eye on what's trending amongst the larger pool of viewers or just your friends (who, presumably, have similar tastes. Of course there's Facebook and Twitter integration, and an iPhone app will be available when the beta launches in the next few weeks. Notably absent at this time is any Comcast branding, so it should be wide open no matter where you get your TV broadcasts from, but given the company's interests in bringing together internet and TV we wouldn't be surprised to see some Xfinity labeling work its way in sooner or later. Check out an epic 35-minute video interview with Robert Scoble (embedded after the break, demo starts about 10 minutes in) for more info, or just go ahead and sign up for the latest updates on the official site. It's like we always say -- if your followers & friends didn't want to know what you were doing every second of every day, then why did they add you in the first place?

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