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DeathSpank trailer dispenses justice, toll-free hotline number


We get to see a little bit more of DeathSpank, the Diablo-like adventure from The Secret of Monkey Island co-creator Ron Gilbert, in the above video just dispatched by publisher EA. We've already spent some hands-on time with the game, which is due to land on PSN and XBLA this summer, and it places petty high on our list of games we want to spend a lot more time with, and soon. Not just because it's fun, but also stupendously funny (not to mention filled with forbidden bacon).

You can get an interactive taste of the game's humor right now by calling the DeathSpank Hotline at 1-866-631-1574 (toll-free from the US). It's reassuring to know there's a hero out there ready to dispense justice, vanquish evil and be a hero to the downtrodden in so many different languages!

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