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Mafia 2 collector's edition and pre-order offers announced


Believe it or not, Mafia II finally appears to be on the way, for real. In advance of the August 24 release date, 2K Games announced a Collector's Edition for the PS3/Xbox 360/PC gangster game.

The Collector's Edition includes the standard bonuses for this kind of thing: an art book, soundtrack, and SteelBook case. It also comes packaged with a "high quality, tear-resistant map" of Empire Bay, and a code for a downloadable "Made Man Pack" with two luxury cars and two suits, including a tuxedo.

In addition, retailers are offering the following bonuses with pre-orders of (any edition of) Mafia II:
  • GameStop has the "Vegas Pack" featuring Vegas-inspired cars and suits, and a "War Hero Pack" with two military vehicles and uniforms.
  • Amazon offers the "Renegade Pack" including '50s-style cars and leather and lettermen's jackets for Vito, so you can live out your Happy Days crime fantasies. You also get a $10 discount on a future game purchase.
  • Best Buy has the "Greaser Pack" with two "hot-rod speedsters" and two racing-style outfits.
  • is offering a "$10 Gift Card" which will allow you to buy $10 worth of merchandise at Walmart.
We know it might be tempting to acquire the game in a thematically appropriate manner (having it "fall off a truck,") but these bonuses provide a compelling reason to actually purchase it from a retailer. Also, the whole "jail time" thing.

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