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The Daily Grind: Go west young man

Jef Reahard

Well, my wandering game eye is at it again, this time casting lustful glances over at the single-player space, and more specifically Rockstar's recently released Red Dead Redemption. Many of you are no doubt joining me in taking a bit of a break from MMOs to spend some time in the sprawling frontier sandbox, and I'm wondering if I'm the only one who thinks such a setting is fertile ground for the AAA MMORPG treatment.

I say AAA because an indie game based on the early American frontier has been languishing in lack-of-funding hell for seven years now, and it makes me sad to think that no established company has the gumption to pony up for a massive excursion to the land of six shooters and well-worn cowpokes. With Rockstar's game tearing up the sales charts, there is clearly an interest in the subject matter, and toodling around in the game's free-roam mode brings to mind all kinds of interesting possibilities for something new in our favorite genre.

So, what say you Massively readers? Why not the Old West? While we're at it, if Bioware can make the genre jump, why not Rockstar?

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