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iPhone grew more than Android in May

Mel Martin

At least that's the word from Net Applications, the company that measures visits to clients websites. The latest report says the iPhone not only keeps a large lead over Android, but it actually enlarged its global share last month, going from 30.4% to 32.8 %. At the same time, Android increased from 5.3% to 6.2%.

If you look at a percentage increase, Android is still moving up faster, growing its share 17% month after month, while the iPhone grew 8.25%. Java ME, still in heavy use by many older smartphones, including phones from RIM, Sony Ericsson and Nokia, keeps a number one position as the most popular platform for mobile surfing, but Net Applications says it is rapidly losing market share to both the iPhone and Android.

Recently, Apple and Android made news when another research firm, NPD, reported that Android sales were much better than the iPhone in the U.S. But that wasn't unexpected -- there are many more Android handsets to sell, and even NPD admitted that report was "very limited."

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