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Tomy Mario Kart RC cars use power-ups, blow our minds

Well, science, you've really done it this time. We've had to tighten our belts to notches unknown in light of these tough economic times, but we won't be able to resist importing Tomy's Japanese line of Mario Kart remote-controlled cars. Now, this isn't exactly a brand new idea, but Tomy's toys don't just drive around -- they also use power-ups and shoot virtual shells and bananas at one another.

Racers get periodic power-ups, which appear on an LED display on the controller. Each car comes equipped with infrared sensors capable of detecting when they've been hit with a weapon, which causes them to rumble and slow down. Each car will run you 2730 yen (around $30), but your makeshift replica of Bowser's Castle Circuit could cost around $600, depending on how much you invest in the pyrotechnics.

[Thanks, Yogesh]

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