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Found Footage: The iPad Comic

David Winograd

Adam Kontras, a comedian who claims to have the longest running video blog ever, has updated his comedy act for the iPad and is now The iPad Comic. Adam's act used to include four TV's that he interacted with. This was sort of video ventriloquism, timing everything perfectly so the screens would seamlessly speak with him on stage. He's now ditched the four TVs and changed his act over to talking with himself on an iPad. Getting the timing right must have been quite difficult, but it really works. His act is not only clever, but pretty funny. This shows a new use for the iPad: performance comedy. Adam is probably the first one to do this, but I'm sure he won't be the last since the idea is a really good one.

Enjoy the video. I thought it was pretty impressive and his delivery is just about perfect.

[thanks to Jeremiah Rich for sending this in]

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