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Redbox CEO suggests $1.50 rate for Blu-ray rentals


Along with the repeated indications Redbox would expand its Blu-ray rentals this year, there's been hints that it would have to raise prices beyond its standard $1 / night DVD rate. Home Media Magazine reports President Mitch Lowe mentioned during his keynote address at the Entertainment Supply Chain Academy Edge conference that the likely price is $1.50, which seems low enough to keep customers happy and -- judging by the recent slew of deals -- will apparently keep Hollywood studios happy also. to that end, his speech also cited NPD data indicating customers said they wouldn't rent or purchase many of the movies they obtain at the kiosks any other way, while 41% of customers rent before making a decision to buy. Also on deck for Redbox are sales of catalog titles for $5 / $7 / $9 -- so let us know, would you appreciate the option to buy, not just rent, from your nearest vending machine?

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