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Ubisoft teases new Assassin project, comic artists involved


View the uncropped artwork here
Ubisoft has posted a teaser image for a new, unnamed project on The striking illustration implies a connection to the Assassin's Creed franchise, especially in depicting the severed connection between an unfortunate man and his head. The ostentatious assassin's garb, the eagle and "A" and "C" lettering also seem to hint at an Egyptian outing for the historical hitman sim -- though it'll be in the form of a comic.

While the art itself was created by Grzegorz Domaradzki (also known as "Gabz"), Joystiq has confirmed that two other Montreal-based comic artists are involved. Karl Kerschl, known for his work on webcomic The Abominable Charles Christopher as well as DC Comics properties like The Flash, is collaborating on this Ubisoft project with Cameron Stewart, who recently completed a stint on DC's The Return of Bruce Wayne Batman & Robin. According to Kerschl, we can expect more information within the next few weeks.

Further evidence pointing to an Assassin's Creed comic series comes from Cameron Stewart's most recent post on his illustration blog: "... I do have a couple of secret irons in the fire, including an upcoming new comic series based on an immensely popular property," he wrote. "It's doubly exciting because I will be writing as well as drawing, partnered with my friend and studiomate Karl Kerschl."

The Ubiworkshop website itself is the last mystery, though a general trademark filing suggests that it will be a "computerized online retail store" dealing in merchandise like clothing, artists' materials, music and video games. An Assassin's Creed comic series could fit right in -- and hey, everyone's doing it. If not, the trademark also covers Ubisoft for selling "pre-recorded audio cassettes," in which case we might finally be able to buy some Beyond Good & Evil mix tapes.

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