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Lord of the Rings Online to go free-to-play this fall

Following the success of its other MMO property, Dungeons and Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited, it's not surprising that Turbine has elected to make the three-year-old MMO Lord of the Rings Online free-to-play sometime this fall. At that time, players will be able to download and explore the game for free, with the option to purchase additional content, including expansions, quest packs, items and "account services" from an online storefront. Players will also have the option to become "VIP" members, which automatically gives them access to these items. Turbine did not specify if VIP membership was a one-time fee or an ongoing subscription cost.

If you're wondering how Lord of the Rings Online will operate under this new pricing structure -- well, Turbine probably is as well. Both parties' curiosity will likely be satisfied by a closed beta, which kicks off June 16.

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