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OS X grabs 8% share on Steam


Valve has released the first Steam Hardware Survey since their Steam platform released for the Mac, and OS X has gained 8% of the market share already in its various iterations. Most of the Mac users are running 10.6.3, not surprising, given that those most likely to have the latest operating system are probably also the most likely to know that a Steam client is out and ready for them to download. Of course, the Mac faction still pales in comparison to the amount of Windows gamers on the network, but for a client that came out on the 12th day of the month for the survey data, 8% ain't bad at all.

Also of note: Intel processors in the survey jumped up by almost 3%, probably due to a lot of the new Mac users. And the 1280x800 primary desktop resolution also jumped as MacBook users installed and ran the new Mac Steam client. Average free hard drive space actually dropped a little bit (Mac users are busy people, after all...) and average network speed rose (...with fast Internet connections). The Steam Hardware Survey is always an interesting cross-section of what kind of PCs gamers are using, and a big injection of Macs into the numbers made for a fascinating set of data.

[via Ars]

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