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Phat Loot Phriday: Dartol's Rod of Transformation


There's a secret technique among the Alliance. The Horde are brilliant tacticians, perhaps, but they lack the knowledge, skill and ferocity to understand this technique. I, myself, only learned about it when preparing to join a PUG in Icecrown Citadel. A stalwart gnome would be our tank that night. His hair was styled like the blood of blood elves; this is to say, it was a very bright hot pink. He had a mohawk. His eyes twinkled with the kind of warrior fierceness usually reserved for forum trolls and Klingons.

"Are you ready?" he asked in a deep, guttural snarl.

"Go go go go go go go go," the warlock drooled, "go go go go go already god go go."

"All right, then!" the tank answered. He stomped his little foot as if he were angry and disappeared in a puff of smoke. In his place stood an immense furbolg, its fur matted with the blood of farmed creatures, its teeth dripping with spit and slime.

"Good Elune!" I gasped. "How on earth did you do that?"

The furbolg whirled on me. Its massive pecs twitched like a 5-year-old eager to get to the cake. "What, this? Oh, it's a bag item from that quest in Ashenvale. Just don't complete the quest. It's awesome."

"Go go go go go go," the warlock agreed.

With that, the furbolg whirled about and led us into battle. It was only then that I saw his hindquarters. He was wearing only a thong. The mental scars I got in Icecrown Citadel that night will stay with me forever.

Name Dartol's Rod of Transformation
Type Inventory item
Attributes Turns you into a Furbolg.
How to get it You get it when you complete this step of Raene's Cleansing. Only Alliance can do this.
How to get rid of it You lose it when you turn in this step of Raene's Cleansing. Don't do it!

Edit : According to several commenters, you now get to keep the rod even if you complete the quests. Awesome!

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