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WWDC 2010: Farmville for iPhone coming soon


Zynga showed up on the stage at the WWDC keynote this morning to show off one of the most-awaited (and most hated) apps coming to the iPhone: Farmville. The popular Flash-based social networking game is finally making its way to the iPhone by the end of June, and it'll be bringing at least one new feature along in the form of push notifications for when your crops are done. Players will also be able to make in-app purchases for the Farmville marketplace, all of the game's information will sync with their Facebook version, and the game will come with an exclusive pet: a Snow Leopard. Cute.

The assembled press in San Francisco were humdrum about the announcement, as most of them aren't Farmville players (and lots of you probably aren't either). But there are millions and millions of players of this game around the world, and when one of the biggest games in the world comes to Apple's platform, that's a big deal. We'll keep an eye out for the game on the App Store, and let you know when it's out.

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