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Runes of Magic announces new pet system

Jef Reahard

As part of the ongoing updates to its Chapter III -- The Elder Kingdoms expansion, Frogster has announced a new pet system coming to Runes of Magic later this month. The impressive patch will add over 100 virtual pets to the free-to-play fantasy MMORPG, each with a range of new gameplay abilities designed to augment player characters.

Pet eggs will become available upon completion of a specific quest, and once hatched, the pets can be cared for, managed, and combined using a new interface. Pets will also directly affect their masters depending on how players choose to allocate their experience, loyalty, and talent attributes. Frogster hints that well trained pets will more ably support characters in combat and crafting, as well as provide superior buffs.

Players will be able to own a maximum of six pets, with one active at a given time. Stay with Massively as we'll bring you more on this exciting new system as it develops.

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