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Ask Engadget HD: HD projector or HDTV? 2010 edition


We checked the calendar and it seems to be about time we revisited one of our favorite questions -- projector or HDTV? Both have their strengths, and since we posed the question in '08, LCDs and plasmas have only gotten bigger and cheaper, while it seems there's 1080p projector currently available to fit every budget and situation, but this time we'll leave the question to our friend Andrew:
"We're in the middle of remodeling, and I'm trying to decide between loading up our living room with the biggest flat-panel HDTV I can afford (65-inches+) or installing a screen and projector setup. There's not a lot of light coming into this particular room so it seems like a projector could be possible and provide more size than we'd ever get out of a LCD or plasma, but I need something that will work for the entire family gaming, watching TV or watching movies. Help!!"
Some questions seem to have no wrong answer, but since even Lloyd Banks can't decide we're putting the question to you: Beamer, flat-panel or rear projection? At what point is the line where jumping from a mere television to a true theater setup make sense, and just how difficult might it be to install? Let us know how you'd choose in the comments below.

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