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Kindle 2.5.2 firmware available for manual update, but only for international types

Tim Stevens

Not lucky enough to have the Facebook-friendly 2.5 update pushed to your Kindle before itself was pushed back? Well, it's out in the wild now in downloadable form, meaning you no longer have to leave your reader hanging around with its antennas on. But, there's a rather nasty catch: this update only works on international Kindles. If yours was purchased in and for exclusive use throughout the good 'ol US of A, downloading and installing the .bin that's on the other end of that source link below will do you no good at all. If you're unsure whether you have the globetrotting version, look up your serial number (under Menu, Settings, and type "411"). If it starts with B002, you're out of luck. B003, and you can make with the downloading. Mind you, we haven't had the opportunity to try this ourselves, so while reports in the forums look positive, we would encourage you to update with care.

[Thanks, Shannon]

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