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Battlestar Galactica Online E3 trailer divides players... literally


"Human or Cylon... Man or Machine... who will you choose?" asks the maddeningly vague Battlestar Galactica Online trailer. More of a teaser than anything, this trailer will make the rounds at this month's E3, trying to tempt MMO gamers and Battlestar Galactica fans alike with intergalactic conflict.

Based on the hit SyFy series, Battlestar Galactica Online pits the remnants of humanity against their created "children" -- robot and cyborg Cylons. The browser based game is set during the second season of the show and should be coming out early this fall on SyFy Games' portal. We took a look at this title back at GDC10, and hopefully we'll learn more about the details of BGO from Bigpoint developers at E3. In the meanwhile, hit the jump, check out the trailer and see if it doesn't get your blood pumping for outer space fighter combat!

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