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New Force Unleashed 2 trailer shows Vader doing what he does best


Darn that Darth Vader -- sure, he's a Sith Lord who betrayed his master, will blow up a planet without a second thought, and even threatens to kill his own soldiers, but honestly, you just can't trust the guy. This brand new E3 trailer from LucasArts for Force Unleashed 2 shows the game's protagonist Starkiller getting betrayed by ol' helmethead yet again, and then lightsaber slicing and dicing his way out of a whole heap of space trouble.

We already knew that Starkiller would be dual-wielding lightsabers in the game, and while this trailer is vague to say the least, it does hint at why we're seeing him whole and hale again, instead of the (spoiler) less-than-lively state we saw him in at the end of the last game. Looks like it's an Attack of the Clones all over again. At least that force power looks fun -- hopefully we'll see more at E3 next week. Watch the whole thing after the jump.

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