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Sony Ericsson's Zylo slider earns FCC approval

Chris Ziegler

There's nothing quite like the harsh lighting of an FCC approval lab to call out a phone's true colors -- if a handset can look good here, it can look good pretty much anywhere. Needless to say, Sony Ericsson's Zylo isn't looking quite as slick and put-together here as it does in the company's own press shots; if we had to guess, countless engineers have smudged it up and beat the heck out of it moving it from machine to machine while taking radiation measurements by the time it made it to the camera. Anyhow, the version we're seeing here is quadband GSM plus UMTS bands I and VIII, which works out to 900 / 2100; in other words, there's not a snowball's chance you'll be using it for high-speed data stateside. Not a huge loss, we figure.

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