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The Daily Grind: Should early adoption bonuses be purchasable later?

Eliot Lefebvre

There's a bit of a kerfluffle going on in the Star Trek Online forums at the moment. Cryptic has announced their plans to bring some items into the C-Store, and while that always triggers a fresh round of unbridled rage, the items in question have brought out even sharper divides in opinion. That's kind of understandable -- they're a laundry list of pre-order bonuses, early-adoption bonuses for lifetime subscriptions, and other bonuses used to entice players into purchasing the game sooner rather than later.

Some of the players on the forums are pleased with the change -- they got these items earlier and cheaper, after all, and there's no real harm in letting others purchase them. Others are quite upset that what they had seen as a unique privilege is being distributed freely. There are always players who arrive late to a game and don't necessarily have access to the early bonuses. What do you think about making them purchasable after the fact? Does it discourage you from buying games early, does it cheapen the special qualities, or is it a fair chance for late arrivals to get some cosmetic additions?

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