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Canonical hearts tablets, but it's not making a special Ubuntu for them

Darren Murph

Um, whoops! It seems as if those earlier reports of Canonical crafting a special edition of Ubuntu specifically for tablets may have stemmed from taking certain quotes out of context, as a new interview over at Golem has confirmed that the company has no short-term plans to pursue that full-on tablet PC push that was so well hyped. It's a bit of a bummer, honestly, with far too few legitimate tablet operating systems on the horizon; Windows 7 just feels a grown man's OS, and there's no telling if Windows Embedded Compact 7 will ever truly live up to its incredible potential. According to Mark Shuttleworth, though, the forthcoming Ubuntu Light will be distributed on a variety of systems, but the smallest it's really aiming for is netbooks. We get the feeling these guys will come around eventually, but for now it's on you to squeeze your favorite Linux build onto that ginormous iPhone 3G tablet you've already got on pre-order.

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