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Comcast to roll out more MPEG-4 starting with 3D

Ben Drawbaugh

And you 3D haters thought that nothing good could come of 3D technology, then we find out that Comcast is finally putting its 10 million MPEG-4 compatible set-top boxes to use -- although ESPN is only sending out ESPN 3D as MPEG-4, the Comcast's Media Center is sending out two streams -- the original and the transcoded MPEG-2 variety -- to its facilities around the country. The local Comcast office picks which to send out your way for now (which caused lots of issues on launch day since most didn't realize their MPEG-2 only box wasn't compatible) but that changes in August when all 3D signals will be sent via MPEG-4 and those with older boxes will just have to upgrade to enjoy their new 3DTV -- so much for the benefits of frame compatible 3D. MPEG-4 is a win win for consumers and the cable provider, as it takes less bandwidth on the providers network and uses less space on those pitiful 160GB cable DVRs.

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